Ozone Shooter Small/Large Gaming Mouse Pad

Not all gamers have the same needs, thats why we have developed the Ozone Shooter Series in two different sizes. Shooter S (320 x 270 x 3mm) and Shooter L (400 x 320 x 3mm).
ozone shooter  ozone shooter sozone-shooter-s-5 ozone-shooter-s-6 ozone-shooter-s-7
Shooter mousepads are made from a thermally treated micro-textured cloth surface to provide a fast and smooth sliding of any mouse. This surface is based on an ultra-grip rubber base that will keep the mousepad on any surface. Its edges have been cut with the latest laser technology to ensure durability.

In addition, these mousepads are finished with an unique shooter design that makes them the perfect choice for FPS (First Person Shooter) users.


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