Basic YinYang IE800HD

Dual Dynamic Driver earphones have TWO powerful independent dynamic drivers. 10 mm bass driver (woofer) at the back for both low and midrange frequencies and 6 mm treble driver (tweeter) at the front.

With these dual dynamic drivers, Basic IE-800 HD gives a deep bass superb musical detail and delivering a truly balanced sound accross the range. The earphone cable is designed to be flat, with is not only stylish, it greatly reduces tangling. Get the new experience of premium high quality sound reproduction and technology with Basic IE-800 HD2.

Specification Basic In Ear IE-800 HD (YINYANG)

– Premium Sound Technology
– Dual Dynamic Drivers: 6mm and 10mm
combine Dual Dynamic Drivers Woofer and Tweeter in one chamber
– Superior Sound Quality
– Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
– Impedance:16-22 Ohm
– Sensitivity: 104 +/- 3 ddB
– Rated input power: 3 mW
– Wire: TPE flat length 1,3m
– Plug: 3,5 mm gold plated


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