Takstar HI1200 Earphone IEM with Microphone

Metal diaphragm driver features exquisite and detailed sound performance
Wooden structure with superior acoustic characteristics for pure and natural
sound reproduction
Excellent ergonomic design for fit and comfortable wearing
Clear microphone line control ensures a wonderful call experience
Provided with 6 kinds of soft rubber ear pads for different people
Provided with exquisite portable leather bag for more convenient carrying
Smart phone/ Single hole notebook/ PAD/MP3

Transducer Principle: Dynamic
Driver Diameter: 8mm
Impedance: 2030%
Frequency Response: 10Hz-20kHz
Sensitivity: 1003dB at 1kHz
Max. Input Power: 30mW
Rated Power: 15mW
Cable: 1.4m, Y Type
Adaptor Plug: 3.5mm, 4 pole gold-plated
Net Weight: 12.5g (w/o package)

Product Content
HI 1200 earphone 1pc
Ear pads 6pairs
Leather portable bag 1pc
User manual 1pc
Package: Blister+color box

Short review: Soundstage super luas, sangat luas buat ukuran IEM under sejuta. Suara super smooth, tidak ada bagian yang tajem. Mid intim, bass impact super wuenak, treble yang super detail tapi tidak tajam. Plus ada mic , support idevice dan android.


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