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Aim Portable Tube Delight Audio Amplifier with DTS Surround Sensation – AS301DTS – Black

Aim Sound Card AS301DTS, the first USB Audio dongle that supports DTS Surround Sensation Headphone Technology. It provides a complete virtual audio-processing package that enhances the movies and music experiences within a pair of headphones. Unique transparent vacuum tube style design, small and suitable for notebook, AS301DTS allows you to enjoy DTS surround sound anywhere, anytime.

USB Audio Dongle with DTS Surround Sensation
Enjoy DTS virtual surround sound through stereo headphones or stereo speakers.

DTS Software
Voice Clarification : Enhances the voice frequency bands to improve the audio quality of diaolog and vocals.
Bass Enhancement : Enhances the low frequency contents without distorting the mid and high range frequencies.
Soundstage Expansion : Broadens the soundstage and creates a phantom center channel for improved clarity and audio timbre.

More Features
Transparent Vacuum Tube appearance
Better Bass performance
Complies with USB Audio Device Class Spec v1.0
Small size and portable USB Audio
DTS Surround Sensation Headphone
Offer Neo PC Music, Movie and LFE Mixing
Offer Voice Clarification and Bass Enhancement
Stereo Microphone-In / Line-In
Stereo Headphone-Out

Package Contents
1 x Aimpro Sound Card Tube Delight Audio with DTS Surround Sensation – AS301DTS
1 x USB 90 degree (L shape) adaptor (USB A-type male to mini-5P B-type
male adapter)
1 x User’s Manual
1 x Installation CD


AIM Hi-Live Theater Sound Card 5.1 PCI-e – SC-3000L – Black

How much does it cost you a 5.1 channel sound card to hook up your desktop computer?! The word “expensive” should walk out your dictionary, because SC3000 Live Theater 5.1 provides users 5.1 channels bundled with software absolutely cost-effective!!!
5.1 Channel Output
Experience full live theater in your home with affordable price.

More Features
6 Channel PCI sound card “CMI8738LX” from C-Media Technology
32bit PCI Bus Master, PCI 2.1 / PCI 2.2 compliant
Supports multi-speaker output to 2 / 4 / 5.1 speakers
Comply with Microsoft® PC99 specification
Supports 16-bit/48K playback and recording
Front channel output support 32 ohm Earphone buffer
Supports 10-band Equalizer with 12 preset modes; 27 global environment effects
Supports full duplex recording and playback with different sample rate in mono or stereo

Aim External Sound Card High Definition for PC and MAC – AS302S Black

Aim Sound Card AS302S, 24 bit/96kHz High Definition USB Audio dongle with SPDIF output through the bundled Coaxial cable. It provides headphone output and microphone input for VoIP applications.

Control Multimedia Easily
It comes with convenient volume control, playback mute and record mute buttons that user can control multimedia easily when using the audio application.

Designed with short USB extension cable, it won’t interfere with other devices when connecting to PC/NB.

Plug and Play
Aim Sound Card AS302S is a plug and play device.Just plug it to a NB/PC, you can enjoy the 24 bit / 96 kHz quality audio without any driver.

More Features
Plug and play
Experience 24 bit / 96kHz quality audio with SNR 91dB, THD+N:-87dB
Connect to Hi-Fi system with the integrated SPDIF Port (through a bundled Coaxial Cable)
Eases use by physical volume control and mute buttons
Compact size, to be carried to anywhere you go
LED indication: Playback (Green: Sparkling) and Record Mute (Red: always ON)
Complies with USB 2.0 Full Speed
Compatible with Windows, MAC, Linux Operating Systems
Mute Record button is not working under Mac and Linux OS

Portable Headphone Amplifier Fiio E11K Kilimanjaro2

  • Pre amplifier OPA1642 serves as the voltage amplifier.with great layering and medium and high frequency extension
  • Power amplifier AD8397 serves as the current amplifier,with great control of low frequencies and smooth drive ability.

Specification :

  • Power supply: MINI USB port
  • Maximum output power :450mW(16ohm)  270mW(32ohm)
  • Frequency response :20hz-20khz
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: 108dB
  • THD 0.004%
  • Charging time: ~240min
  • Operating time: up to 16hr
  • Dimensions: 91.2mm*56mm*13mm
  • Weight:92g (with battery)

Topping NX1 Portable Headphone Amplifier – Black

The NX1 external sound card has been designed for MP3/MP4/mobile phone/computer that can not get best effect of high impedance from the headset due to the low power to improve the power and sound quality.

Classical Designed Circuit
Topping NX-1 has achieved in the best balance between high quality and reliable lasting dyrability, which is equipped with a selection of high quality audio devices such as ALPS potentiometers. The part of the power supply adopts high frequency low resistance capacitance which is very low loss and resistance, NX-1 voice is as brilliant as Steinway piano which is with 50 years history.

Innovation Power Supply Design
By internal NX-1 it’s a 1000mAh large-capacity lithium polymer battery which the battery life can reach max 4 hours. 22V working voltage can give full play to the op-amp and guarantee the good performance. NX-1 is able to drive high impedance headphones with enough dynamic level range.

NX-1 can adapt to the charge output of computer USB port and variety of Plugs. It automatically adjust the suitable charging current with the fastest speed to supplement the battery. Only need 1 hour if charging via 2A supply.

Power LED & Charge LED indicator
In order to perfectly match with different resistance and sensitivity headphones, NX-1 upgrade with gain control and bass boots functions. You can adjust by needed.

Exquisite Workmanship
Metallic style, aluminum shell, small and smart. Logo in the panel embossed by laser engraving and never fadeless. The overall thickness less than 13mm.

High Grade Components
HIFI Electronic Components:
ALPS Potentiometer
EPCOS Capacitance
WIMA Capacitance

Package Contents
1 x Topping VX1 Amplifier
1 x Audio cable
1 x USB charge cable
2 x Silicone band
5 x Velcro
1 x User’s manual

Amplifier dan Music Player Fiio

FiiO Kilimanjaro E11

e11-1 e11-2 e11-3 E11²úÆ·¹¦ÄܽéÉÜÒ³Ãæ e11-5 e11-6

FiiO E11 adalah headphone amplifier kelas menengah pertama dari FiiO. Kelebihan utama headphone ini adalah BASS. Jika anda menginginkan bass yang besar dari headphone anda, maka pilihan headphone amp anda adalah FiiO E11.


FiiO Andes E07K

e7-1 e7-2 e7-3 e7-4 e7-5 e7-6 e7-7 e7-8 e7-9

Penerus dari FiiO E7 yang legendarsi, E07K Andes ini didesain untuk affordable all in one solution untuk portable DAC & portable amplifier.



FiiO Taishan D03K

d03k-1 d03k-2 d03k-3 d03k-4 d03k-5 d03k-6 d03k-7 d03k-8


FiiO D3 adalah Coaxial to RCA converter pertama dari FiiO. Ini adalah value solution bagi anda yang ingin mengubah sinyal coaxial (digital) menjadi sinyal analog (RCA) dengan biaya terjangkau.

Power supplyDC 5V
Output amplitude 1.6V0dB Fs
Frequency Response 20Hz~20KHz
Signal to Noise Ratio: 90dB
Crosstalk: 75dB
Total harmonic distortion: <0.01%
Size: 61.649.121mm



Fiio Fujiyama E06

20121207104633 20121207104651 20121207104700 20121207104713 20121207104722 20121207104732 20121207104747 20121207104758 20121207104816 e62

Headphone Amplifier

Didesain sebagai penerus E5 yang sangat terkenal, E6 adalah amplifier mini FiiO yang memiliki suara yang sangat bagus untuk kelasnya dengan separasi instrumen yang baik. Sebagai tambahan, terdapat juga fitur bass boost di mini amplifier ini.


output power:

150mW (16 Loaded)

16mW (300 Loaded)

SNR:95dB(A weight)


Frequency response:


Headset impedance:


USB power supply

port:DC 5V/500mA

Power supply mode :

Built-in rechargeable

lithium battery.





FiiO X3

x3-1 x3-4 x3-5 x3-6 x3-7 x3-8 x3-9 x3-10 x3-11 x3-12 x3-13 x3-14 x3-15 x3-16 x3-18

Plays just about every lossless music format.
Flawless sound on the go.

Lossless playback for APE/FLAC/ALAC/WMA/WAV

Supports 192K/24B Asynchronous USB DAC function

HD music at master tape quality

Light-weight portable player with high sound quality

10 hours playback time & standard USB smart charging

Dedicated professional High Quality DAC chip

High dynamic and current output amplifier

Hardware bass and treble adjustment circuit

Multiple ports for more entertainment



FiiO X5

x5-1 x5-2 x5-3 x5-4 x5-5 x5-6 x5-7 x5-8 x5-9 x5-10 x5-11 x5-12 x5-13 x5-14 x5-15

Dual-core CPU
Dual purpose DAP+DAC
Asynchronous USB DAC function – Supports 192K/24B
Quad-balanced power supply
Dual TF card slots
Audiophile-grade discrete architecture
10 bands graphic EQ for fine-tuning freedom
All new user-friendly UI
2.4 IPS color LCD