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Thermal Pasta Cooler Master X1 dan E2


Extreme Fusion X1 is created for extreme users on highest level, which achieves the best thermal conductivity from your CPU, GPU or even Chipset to your cooler. It is non-curing and non-electrical conductive traits and avoids any short circuit incidence. Extreme Fusion X1 is a Japan made thermal compound with great durability. It does not show decreasing performance after long period of time.

Ultra High Thermal Conductivity (9.5W/mK)
Over twice the thermal conductivity of Standard TIM
Beats Silver based TIM
Short circuit proof
Thermal Compound made in Japan

X1-2 X1-1 X1-3



The IC Essential E2 is a high performance thermal compound to meet the requirements of mainstream CPU cooling. With its low thermal impedance and appropriate viscosity, IC Essential E2 can provide very efficient heat transfer and can be spread easily and evenly. It’s also bundled with a grease cleanser that allows you to easily clean old thermal grease away.

High Thermal Conductivity
Low Thermal Resistance
Electrically Non-Conductive
Grease cleanser included for easy cleaning away old thermal grease

E2-2 E2-1 E2-3