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TerraMaster U1-PT

Terra Master U1-PT provides you family-friendly solution with mass network BT/PT film source download, high definition plays and data storage. It enables families to share and protect its storage data with low cost, and satisfies your multi-media needs with rich applications. Besides it possesses features of low power consumption, low noise operation, stable and reliable。

U1PT-2 U1-PTa U1-PThg U1-PTqg
NAS is an all-in-one machine with BT download and high definition play.
It is a professional BT/PT download client with built-in transmission,
It is a personal cloud supports 4TB supper large capacity ,
It is the perfect companion of iPhone, iPad, and Android devices,
It is a multi-media server supports family UPNP devices,
It is also a high definition player with supper decode playback function.


Terra Master F2 NAS

It adopts two 3.5 inch SATA hard drives as data storage, which can support RAI0RAID1BIG, CLEAR and make it faster and safer. One single hard drive can reach 4TB and it can support 8TB at most. The product has USB 3.0 interface, through this interface you can connect it with PC for data transfer with fast speed.

NAS & DAS 2 in 1
Support File Server, FTP server, SAMBA Server
Support Bittorent and PT download
Multimedia Video Center
Cloud storage for PC, Android smartphone, tablet, iPhone, iPad via internet
Support Mobile access from iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone and tablet in local area network
Economical Solution For Home Media Center