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Cooler Master SF-15 Gaming Notebook Cooler

Laptop Gaming at Full Speed

– Silent and powerful 160 mm fan
– 4 port USB hub to expand connectivity
– Cable management with grooved top side
– 6 LED strips underneath
– Supports laptops up to 15.6”


V-tie Portable Plastic Notebook Cooler Cooling Rack – Black

V-tie Portable Plastic Notebook Cooler Cooling Rack adalah penahan bagian bawah laptop Anda untuk mencegah panas selama penggunaan laptop. Terbuat dari bahan plastik yang berkualitas, ringan dan tahan panas.

Light And Heat Resistant
V-tie Portable Plastic Notebook Cooler Cooling Rack terbuat dari bahan plastik yang berkualitas, ringan dan tahan panas.

Portable And Simply Equipped
V-tie Portable Plastic Notebook Cooler Cooling Rack memiliki design yang simpel dan mudah untuk dibawa kemana saja.

Deepcool M6

2.1 speaker system with excellent stereo sound (2 tweeter & 1 woofer)
Plug-and-play with standard 3.5mm line in for easy access to any music source
14cm fan for optimal airflow to cool your gaming notebook
Fan speed adjustable for a perfect balance between cooling performance and silence
USB HUB function with 4 USB output ports for your additional USB devices
Application For
Compatible with 17″ notebooks and below.

Deepcool E-Move

Modular cooling fan design enables the fan to bring a breeze for you.
Cooling fan can be moved under the panel to target the exact heat point.
Pure aluminum panel demonstrates firm structure and high quality build.
Dual fans offer optimum airflow for high cooling performance.
Slim and sleek design enables to carry it with you comfortably.
USB pass-through connector allows for extensional USB device.

Application For
Compatible with 15.6″ notebooks and below.

Notebook Cooler Deepcool N180FS

Ardy Komputer kembali mendatangkan notebook cooler terbaru dari Deepcool, yaitu tipe N180FS.

n180fs-12 n180fs-11 n180fs-10 n180fs-7 n180fs-6 n180fs-5 n180fs-3 n180fs-2 n180fs-1dy kompu

180mm big fan provides optimal airflow;
Unique metal mesh design allows quick ventilation;
USB pass-through connector for easy USB device connection;
Angle adjustable provides the most comfort in use;
Anti-slip design ensures notebook safety.

Deepcool U-Pal

Ultra speed USB 3.0 pass-through connector for the fastest transfer speed;
Unique U shape design provide the most fluent cold airflow to your notebook’s hot spot;
Angle adjustable to protect your spine for your health;
Two 140mm fans covers equal areas to eight 70mm fans.
Application For
Compatible with 15.6″ notebooks and below.
upal1 upal2 upal3 upal4 upal5 upal6 upal7 upal8

Cooler Master Notebook Cooler


Keeps Laptop Cool
A 200mm cooling fan keeps your laptop cool to the touch, yet is nearly silent.

Slip Prevent
Front Anti-Slip holder to prevent your laptop slip from NOTEPAL CMC3.

Eliminates Back and Neck Pain
Work and play on your laptop for long periods of time without straining your neck, back and wrists. Ergonomically designed for a better viewing and typing angle when compared to no cooling pad. Great for at home or in the office.

c3-1 c3-6



NOTEPAL L1, a lightweight and simple notebook cooler for the NOTEPAL family. L1 is the ideal companion for 7″ ~ 17″ notebooks. The ultra slim and lightweight design is made for easy carrying and storage. The fully meshed surface plus 160 mm silent fan provides excellent cooling performance.

Ultra slim and lightweight design for easy carrying.
Ergonomic design for best viewing/typing angle.
160 mm silent fan with superior airflow provides best cooling performance.
Full range metal mesh and aerodynamic design air intakes.
USB port extender design keeps your USB ports intact.
Cable grooves for easy USB cable management.
Compatible with all 17 and smaller laptops.


L1-1 L1-8

X-Slim II

Really thin and very light. The NOTEPAL X-SLIM II is the laptop cooling pad you’ve been looking for. A metal mesh and 200mm fan cools down hard drives, GPUs and CPUs by 10 degrees or more! Your laptop will barely feel warm. Yet it’s quiet enough to use in a library. The NOTEPAL X-SLIM II takes just a few seconds to set up. Just plug it in a USB port, place your laptop on top and you’re done!

Silent 200mm fan for laptop cooling
Ergonomic design for best viewing / typing angle
Supports up to 15.6 laptops and tablets
Easy cable management

xs1 xs5

Ergostand Easy

Meet the NotePal ERGOSTAND EASY – the ergonomic cooling stand built for laptops up to 15.6″. 4 Ergonomic height settings let you quickly choose the ideal angle to relieve neck and shoulder pain. Non-slip feet keep the ERGOSTAND EASY locked onto your desk. The optional Fan version comes with a silent 100mm fan to keep your laptop cool and working smoothly.

4 ergonomic height settings for comfortable viewing angles
Silent 100mm fan for optimal laptop cooling (Fan version)
Ergonomic design for best viewing / typing angles
Non-slip feet keeps your laptop in place
Easy cable management



Deepcool N6000

Honeycomb metal mesh panel allows massive cool air through to cool the notebook
20cm blue LED fan provides big airflow at very low noise level
The fan speed is adjustable and it has independent LED lights switch
Thoughtful storage cage enables you to store your small stuff for a tidy place
Two USB ports allow you to add your own extensional USB devices.

Application For
Compatible with 17″ notebooks and below.