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Digital Temperature, Humidity Meter Clock Alarm, Date HTC1 White

Alat multifungsi untuk mengukur temperatur udara, tingkat kelembapan udara. Selain itu alat ini juga memiliki fungsi jam, kalender dan alarm. Dapat digunakan didalam dan luar ruangan.


Indoor & Outdoor Temperature Display

Dapat mengukur suhu ruangan dalam dan luar ruangan. Alat ini secara otomatis mengganti pengukuran antara suhu dalam dan luar ruangan dalam waktu 5 detik.

Celcius & Fahrenheit

Anda dapat mengganti pengukuran antara celcius dan fahrenheit.

Memory Function

Memiliki fitur memory untuk mengingat suhu tertinggi dan terendah.

Clock & Calender Function

Selain berfungi sebagai pengukur temperatur dan kelembapan udara. Alat ini juga dapat digunakan sebagai jam dan kalender serta memiliki fitur alarm.


Xiaomimi Mini USB Wifi Router Adapter 150Mbps and Flashdisk 8GB Black

Mini USB Wireless Adapter + Flash Drive 8GB ini berfungsi agar laptop atau komputer Anda dapat menshare internetnya ke device lain seperti smartphone dan dapat digunakan untuk menyimpang data sebesar 8GB. Bentuk yang sangat kecil membuat wireless adapter gampang untuk dibawa berpergian.

150 Mbps

Mini USB Wireless Adapter ini dapat mengirim sinyal WiFi IEEE 802.11b/g/n.

8GB Flash Drive

Memiliki kapasitas penyimpanan data sebesar 8GB. Bentuk yang kecil membuat flashdisk ini gampang dibawa berpegian.

Control Your PC via Smartphone

Anda dapat mengontrol pc menggunakan smartphone Anda melalui xioami wifi ini. Shutdown, lockscreen, menonton film dari pc melalui smartphone, menggerakkan slide presentasi dan banyak lagi hal yang bisa Anda lakukan melalui smartphone.

Mini Colourful Design

Dengan bentuk yang kecil membuat usb wireless adapter ini dapat dengan mudah dibawa berpegian dan dapat disimpan dengan aman berkat penutup yang diberikan.


Dapat digunakan untuk semua komputer / laptop yang memiliki USB port.

NOOSY Visible Flowing Current Flash Micro USB Cable – Black/White

Visible Flashing Cable work with any device that have Micro USB Port. It use the EL (Electroluminescent Light) technology, and also called EL cool light cable, it lowers power consumption of charging and data synchronization, and the most importance is the cable incorporates the visible charging current. As long as electric current flows through this cable to connect the filling equipment, there will glow the blue flowing light.

noosy-visible-flowing-current-flash-micro-usb-cable-ck-vs802-black-7 noosy-visible-flowing-current-flash-micro-usb-cable-ck-vs802-black-6
All features of Noosy Visible Flashing Cable :
Blue Water glowing when charging.
Light speed of flashing lightvaries according to the intensity of charging current.
Energy conservation, environmental protection, fashion, innervation and dynamism.
Supported various kinds of options under equal and exquisite color light.
360 degrees fully glowing.
Soft cable can be bent and folded and won’t influence glowing effect.
Compatible with any devices that have Micro USB Port.

MEElectronics In-Ear Headphones with Inline Microphone – RX12P – White/Red

Combines powerful, yet controlled bass, smooth treble, and good clarity for a sound

RX12P Flat Cable In-Ear Headphones with Microphone & Remote is a product with 10mm dynamic drivers for powerful bass and good clarity. Inline microphone and remote for handsfree use with phones, tablets, and other devices

Warm, Powerful Sound
The RX12P combines powerful, yet controlled bass, smooth treble, and good clarity for a sound that is warm and versatile. The impactful bass recreates your music with a rhythmic, spacious sound while the smooth treble remains non-fatiguing for hours of listening.

Headset Functionality with Phone and Media Controls
Incorporating an inline microphone and remote, the RX12P enables you to seamlessly take calls and control media on compatible phones, tablets, iPods, and computers.

Style and Comfort
Two-tone design with tangle-free flat cable provides a refreshing look and style in three striking color schemes. The slim profile and lightweight design of the earpieces allow the earphones to fit more securely and enhance long-term comfort.

Personal Listening Experience
The snug in-ear fit and multiple sizes of included ear tips help provide the best seal for your ears, blocking out external noise and preventing others from hearing your music. This reduces interruptions and allows you to listen at lower volumes, protecting your hearing and improving your listening experience.

Other Features
10mm dynamic drivers for powerful bass and good clarity
Inline microphone and remote for handsfree use with phones, tablets, and other devices
Two-tone design with tangle-resistant flat cable for style and convenience
In-ear design for passive noise isolation
Compact and lightweight construction for long-term comfort

Package Contents
RX12P in-ear headphones with inline mic and remote
3 pairs of ear tips (S, M, L)

ORICO 6818US3 1-Bay 2.5/3.5″ SATA HDD Docking Station Aluminium White

6818US3-1 6818US3-3 6818US3-4 6818US3-5 6818US3-7

Product Features:
1) Asmedia 1153E SATA3.0 chip, Perfect compatible SATA3.0 solid-state hard disk, collocation SATA3.0 hard drive faster.
2) Compatible any 2.5 3.5 inch SATA hard disk or solid-state hard disk, compatible 4TB hard disk.
3) USB3.0 super speed output interface ,transfer rate up to 5Gbps
4) All aluminum shell, fashion and artistic, excellent cooling performance
5) Tool free, plug and play
6) With 12V2.5A supply adapter

Product name : ORICO 2.5”/3.5”HDD Docking station
Product model : ORICO 6818US3
Material : Aluminum
Dimension : 132(L)×72(W)×65(H)mm
Color: Silver
Interface: USB3.0
Weight: 145g
Support system : Windows XP/Vista/7/8&MAC with USB port
Certification : CE and FCC approval